KC Landscaping LLC Lawn Care and Landscaping in Oxford Connecticut
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Lawn Mowing Service in Oxford performed by KC Landscaping Inc.

Michael will explain the benefits and differences that you will expect when hiring KC Landscaping LLC's professional lawn mowing service.

  • Well cut lawn free of debris and clippings
  • Dependable and reliable service every week
  • Conscientious lawn care professionals

What to look for when buying lawn mowing services

Is fertization and weed control offered? Is it performed by them or is it contracted out?
Fertiliaziotn and weed control is best provided by the same company performing your lawn mowing service. Timing and coordination is very important when applying fertilization and weed control.
What sort of guarantee is provided?
It is imperative that the lawn care company has an excellent guarantee to ensure that you end up with a positive lawn care experience. They must be available to resolve any issues to ensure you are satisfied
Do they take care of their equipment?
Having properly working equipment is vital to a beatifully manicured lawn. Lawn mower blades must be properly sharpened to ensure the best looking lawns
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